A Delicate Matter

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8 Responses to A Delicate Matter

  1. Mary W. says:

    NOT funny. We must act to stop this killing, not showcase it with humor!

  2. Mary W. says:

    This is NOT a funny cartoon. We must work to change the laws about gun control, not find humor in such horrific acts.

  3. Ed E. says:

    Not funny, poor taste, requires insight into what is wrong with America!

  4. DR. WAYNE says:

    This is not meant to be funny … you don’t get it??? It brings to attention the ‘let’s talk about it tomorrow … maybe’ attitude of the legislators in DC, with the NRA smiling as usual.

  5. Rich says:

    This joke is not meant to be funny. It is meant to show the joke that gun control is in the US! This is the only so called “advanced” nation that allows citizens to carry military arms (or any weapons) out in the general public because some people think this is their right under the constitution. When those rights were granted, it was for other reasons and for guns that were simple flintlocks to be used on farms…..not fully automatic weapons. It’s time that Congress and the two political parties (especially the Republicans) grew some b__ls and stood up to the NRA and the gun industry and started to impose realistic gun laws like banning all assult rifles and restricting carrying any weapons in public other than law enforcement. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

  6. jim says:

    Shows how blind and tone deft out leaders are and have been.

  7. Gregory Kerr says:

    To criticize this cartoon on the basis of it not being “funny” is to reveal a lamentably impoverished understanding of the role and history of such social criticism. Irony is not always in the service of the risible. Well done, as usual, Peter, for revealing the nasty underbelly of your country’s politics and politicians. As a South African, I share your discomfiture and frustration with the bloated and myopic wielders of power.

  8. Reed Eller says:

    Cartoons are not always meant to be funny but cartoons of this nature are meant to help reveal the truth of the situation and I believe that Pete has done an outstanding job with this one. Those of you who commented that it isn’t funny have missed the whole point and have their heads in the sand. Not everything Pete writes or draws is meant to be “funny” but rather poignant insights into the reality of our current affairs and current political environment. I applaud Peter and his sincere efforts to open our eyes to reality!

    Keep up the good work Pete and please ignore your critics, they are probably Trump supporters anyway.

    Reed Eller

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