About Peter Steiner

Peter Steiner has been a cartoonist for over thirty years.  He is the creator of the cartoon, “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog.”  His work has appeared regularly in “The New Yorker” and many other publications.   To see his paintings, novels, and other cartoons, go to plsteiner.com or follow the link to his website.

4 Responses to About Peter Steiner

  1. john holland says:

    loved the class warfare cartoon!

  2. The Glendo Kid says:

    John Holland,

    You’re referring to the rich waging war against the poor, right?

  3. Jeffrey Eller says:

    My brother, Reed, gave me the web site for your blog, to peruse while confined to the hospital for a few days for chemo. So far so good!

  4. Dean Nicolls says:

    Hello Peter,

    I was hoping to use your “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog” cartoon in an eBook that I’m creating about digital identity. I’m curious how I should go about securing the rights to include that cartoon in my eBook.


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