Cartoons by Peter Steiner

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  1. Grant Bruce says:

    Brilliant and insightful

  2. Mark Shapiro says:

    Wonderful cartoonist!

  3. Linda Chafin says:

    Wonderful! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Paul Murphy says:

    Particularly loved the Originalist Court. So insightful. So well-drawn.

  5. Harriet Riviere says:

    Thanks, Peter, for making our day; please add us to your distribution
    Bob & Harriet – Paris

  6. Davis Cone says:

    Peter, you’re still weird and funny and now that the world has gotten more weird , your cartoons have gotten even funnier in a surreal way. Please dear God keep me laughing. Thanks Peter for my morning meds.

  7. Melinda Sweet. says:

    The Gingrich cartoons are the BEST!

  8. Spike Davidson says:

    I am walking into a class on political cartoons. What a source this column will be.

  9. Jerry Nutter says:

    Incredible insights.

  10. Thelma Wheeler says:

    “Gee!” and “THANKS!”

  11. mendy ringel says:

    I just saw the cartoon you did for diane vapnek’s 70th birthday.It was hilarious because it was so pinpoint accurate.The one you did for danny was good too.

  12. Malcolm Brown says:

    Glad to see friends here!

  13. George Liebowitz says:

    Great books and great cartoons too.

  14. Phyllis Nauts says:

    Please send me Peter Steiner’s cartoons and posts.

  15. Eunice Werner says:

    Good stuff. Very funny and insightful.

  16. Gretchen Shoemaker says:

    Peter Steiner’s cartoons have been favorites of mine for a long time and I’m glad he now writes books, too. Louis Morgon has become a new favorite.

  17. Robert Gass says:

    I’d like permission to reprint one of your cartoons in a textbook. The cartoon shows a man trying a fragrance and the salespersons says “It’s the smell of money.” I sought permission from New Yorker/Cartoonbank, but they said to contact you directly.
    The text is Robert Gass & John Seiter, Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining, 6th ed. The publisher is Taylor & Francis. The context involves the use of fragrances and aromas as a form of influence.

  18. Mary Dominick says:

    The destruction of EPA is so sad and pointless. Especially poignant as we were a part of its beginnings!

  19. Leo Gafney says:

    All of Peter’s cartoons seem to fit the prophetic heading: Hopeless but not Serious. Not everything said in jest is meant simply to amuse. Many thanks.

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