Grover Norquist

Who Owns

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13 Responses to Grover Norquist

  1. Sandi says:

    That says it all, for sure. Thanks for giving me my black humor laugh for the day.

  2. LosGatosCA says:

    It’s a tough job being an elected Republican what with the required servicing of their donors, Norquist, and Limbaugh in the ideological prison shower.

  3. roger says:

    Norquist has the Republicans by the shorthair…..cross him and the wrath of God will decend on you……will be interesting to see what happens to Newt since he as taken an anti repubican stance…….they may find him under the East River with concrete around his feet!

  4. michaelk says:

    I wonder how much of a stretch it is to consider ‘that pledge’ to be an act of treason, or at least sedition!?

  5. papadoc says:

    The real (serious) question is…..Does the pledge to Grover supercede the contents of the oath of office taken by members of Congress? I.e. if there is a conflict between the oath and the pledge does the rep have to follow the pledge. If so he is actually committing a form of TREASON against the country and of course ( if this were a fair and truthful government) he would have to be prosecuted by the justice department.

  6. Donald says:

    The Grover Norquist cult: no cost to join, just empty your mind and give it over G.N.

  7. roger says:

    he is no way tries to hide his mission……he is very proud of it and of himself….if a republican crosses the pledge, then the machine works to have the person removed in the next election. Great interview on the CBS 60 Minutes website if you have not seen. Makes you want to take a break and throw up…….he has been bought by WS, the Rich, and Business ……and his machine will fight to the death.

  8. Barry Wilkinson says:

    All of these comments are absolutely true. The Congress, both the Democrats and the GOP has sold out the American public, to the highest bidder, at every turn. It is true that we have “The best Congress money can buy.”

  9. Cynthia Ryan says:

    “the best Congress money can buy ” is terribly, sadly true. Fortunately it can be remedied with robust campaign finance reform laws and publicly financed campaigns. You would then cut GN’s influence off at the knees, returning the country to its rightful owners … The electorate.

  10. v harris says:

    While the cartoon is humorous, what is not is your view of the financial debacle in such partisan terms. The fault lies with both parties in Congress PLUS an inexperienced president full of hubris focused on his re-election. The perfect storm.

  11. Paul von Zander says:

    Norquist is just another opportunistic parasite in Washington, the host for so many parasites. Most of them don’t rise as high and have less influence, but they all have the same quality — an avaricious greed, which they claim to be an expression of ‘public interest’.

    And people like Norquist (or like Abramoff, Rove, Reed, DeLay, Gingrich) have worked to change the game in Washington. There’s always been “enlightened self-interest” and corruption in centers of power, but a certain amount of ‘People’s Business’ had to be conducted. Now, the game is more about seizing all the power, and money, that one can… all while loudly claiming your efforts are for the benefit of others.

    Liars and thieves love misdirection — except now, unlike the pre-Rupert era, they have an entire media empire ready to repeat their messages and throw sand in everyone’s eyes. Somewhere, the Gods are laughing, fit to bust.

  12. Bryan says:

    Comment made “…the Gods are laughing…”. And the rest of the world is to.

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