Romney’s Tax Returns

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6 Responses to Romney’s Tax Returns

  1. Davis Cone says:

    Maybe your best!! Timely for those Republican Floridians. And who said this country isn’t great.

  2. Jimmy Albert says:

    Ouch! Sounds realistic. ‘Cept, am pretty sure Mitt wouldn’t clash plaids and stripes like his soulmate…

  3. TothJG says:

    Romney paid a higher percentage of tax than most Americans. He gave much more to charity than Michelle Obama, who spends thousand of dollars on handbags and gives essentially nothing to charity.

  4. Lenny Herman says:

    Most of Romneys tax deductions go the Morman Church. I’m not criticizing that. But he is much richer than the Obama. Michelle Obama inspires the country. She is the best first lady since Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan. Why Nancy Reagan she was one of the few people in the white house keeping her husband aware the far right agenda.

  5. The Glendo Kid says:


    Yeah, Nancy Reagan was great. We need more people in government who believe in astrology rather than global warming.

  6. EMichael says:

    Someone needs to think about how much of Romney’s church(or anyone’s) donations were actually for charitable purposes.

    Sorry, but sending a couple of geeks through various parts of the world talking about Mormonism is not exactly my idea of charity.

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